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An unprecedented level of interest from both competitors and spectators has encouraged the Barbados Rally Club (BRC) to move earlier than ever before to announce the dates for the next edition of its premier event: Sol Rally Barbados 2018 will run from June 1 to 3, with Flow King of the Hill the previous Sunday (May 27), while on-line entries will open here on the official web site - www.rallybarbados.net – on October 1, 2017.

Sol RB18 Chairman Mark Hamilton said: "Way before this year’s event had even started, we were seeing a regular flow of e-mails and social media posts asking about dates for 2018. The competitors were all newcomers, some with very special cars, but there has also been a very encouraging upturn in interest from spectators. As people need to make their plans early, confirming our dates makes sense for all, so we sought approval from the Barbados Motoring Federation (BMF) to move now.”

Following a successful pilot programme in 2017, tour specialists Rally Travel (www.rallytravel.com) will again market the BRC’s premier event to their loyal customer base of rally fans all over the world. Positive customer feedback - remarks such as “I’m hooked on Barbados” and “if you’re thinking of doing it, it was magic!” from this year’s visitors - prompted the UK company to include Sol RB for a second year as the only non-WRC offering in its calendar.

From small beginnings as the International All-Stage Rally in 1990, the BRC’s premier event has grown into the Caribbean’s biggest annual motor sport International and a keystone of the island’s sports-tourism calendar; it contributes around Bds $4 million to the economy and accounts for more than 4,000 visitor nights each year. Sol RB is a tarmac rally of around 22 special stages run on the island’s intricate network of public roads, with the Flow KotH ‘shakedown’ over a roughly three-kilometre stage used to seed the running order for the main event.

Also confirmed is the news that WRC-1 cars will remain eligible for overall position in Barbados Rally Club (BRC) events, including Sol RB and Flow KotH, until the end of 2018. An announcement from the BRC’s Committee of Management last year, which had proposed limiting these post-2003 cars to class awards from January 2018, has been revisited.